Wednesday, March 2, 2016


March 2, 2016

I've decided to make a blog.  Even though I've never blogged before I do journal.  Although I do not anticipate my blogging to replace my journal.  Somethings are just too private.

I never wanted to be an Intersex Activist. I only wanted to find the support I needed. When I first met Bo Laurent it was she that convinced me to be an activist.  There weren't many people of color fighting for intersex rights, so somebody had to do it.  In the beginning I was the only black intersex activist I knew. Can you imagine the pressure.

But I stood up to the challenge again and again. There were things happening to intersex children that not many people knew about.  Things like Intersex Genitalia Mutilation, and kids forced to live with PTSD without the proper tools to heal and grow.

After awhile I never looked back. It was like it was Goddess' mission for me all along.

Next time I will talk about my first time speaking in public.


  1. This is testimonial. It's good. The world needs to see us for who we really are, not just what they fancy in their minds. I'll be reading you. And here we are :) thanks for blogging about it.