Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Where have all the children gone?

They are disappearing one by one
Where have all the children gone?
WHERE have all the children gone? . . .

-Ella Lynn

I read an article recently that said in a few years parents will be able to decide what sex they want their child to be, hair color, and color of their eyes. The article startled me because I know what's next. Next they will be able to "fix" an intersex child.  Finding the "gay" gene have already been discussed. So while scientist are trying to produce the perfect baby. Will Intersex be a thing of the past? If so do we call what the scientist are attempting to do genocide? 

But you can still hear voices singing out songs
And their blood is invisible ink on the walls
Where have all the children gone?
Sometimes I look at my baby picture and want to protect that kid. The kid that had no idea what life would be like in the future.  The kid that often times felt alone in a house full of people. I don't have a lot of pictures of me as a baby, I want to know how often did that kid smile? Is that fear in my eyes? Apprehension? Or just distracted when all I obviously wanted to do was eat the candy in the bag.

When I was in grade school I got picked on for being different. I was very androgynous, and people often asked me if I was a boy or a girl. It always bothered my mother more than it did me. When I looked in the mirror I didn't see a boy or a girl. Today I prefer Intersex as my gender.  While it may confuse some people, no one has to live my life but me.

They mock their pain and drove them farther into gloom
They shoved, and hit, and kicked
It was just a joke
Until they found their empty room
Where have all the children gone?

In the summer of 1975 our neighbor was chosen for a site of a movie, the movie was called "Monkey Hustle".  While my brothers were happy to get up early in hopes of being an extra I had no interest.  Even though I was very successful at avoiding the cameras, I wanted to see my brother play the  limo driver.  I rushed to the front of the crowd just in time to be caught on camera. I've probably watched the movie a dozen times, but it wasn't until recently that I saw myself.  I was 12 years old and my life as I knew it was about to get worst at school. I was shoved, hit and picked on more than ever. 

We remember when we saw them laughing, dancing
And swooning at anything that moved
They waved ribbons and tied strings
Those strings are now their death rope
They are disappearing one by one
Where have all the children gone?
WHERE have all the children gone? 

At the end of the article I was reading someone asked the scientist do they think it's wrong to play God, interesting that's the same question most doctors get when they perform genital mutilation on Intersex babies.